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Crkva Majke Božje Jeruzalemske

The best known of all Krapina's churches is the Church of the Madonna at Trski Vrh. Built in the period between 1750 and 1761, it is one of the most beatiful baroque churches in this part of Croatia. Though baroque, as an artistic movement marks the peak of feudal system, this church was built by pious citizens and peasants as their votive church. The church was built to house a miraculous statuette of the Holy Mother brought from Jeruzalem. Even before the church was built, the statuette had helped many people to overcome their misfortunes, so they surrounded it with great reverence. Since 1761, when the church was consacrated, uo to nowadays, the church has been a gathering place of pilgrims - a votive place.

The church itself fills you with inspiration because of its quietnes and the beaty of its quietness and the beaty of its interior: richly ornamented, paintings and an extraordinary organ. The church is enclosed in an octagonal cincture with small towers at each angle, intended for chapels. By the cincture there is the chapel dedicated to the resurrection of Christ, as the final of 14 stations on the Way of the Cross. The cincture is a place for processions, a place for individual prayers and preparations for spiritual fulfilment of the vow, and St. Mary helps all those who have faith in her. Every year, during the summer, religious gatherings take place there, starting in May-June end ending in October.



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